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Falcon One Aerial Imaging
aerial imaging, real estate imaging, aerial inspections, photography, thermal imaging, solar farm thermal inspections, agricultural thermal inspections - we are located in Michigan

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About Us

We're located in South Eastern Michigan, we are very determined to give you the best possible Aerial Video and Still Photo Imaging combined with outstanding customer service and a quick turnaround. A satisfied client is a repeat client.

Falcon One Aerial Imaging gives local businesses an affordable avenue to use Aerial Video Imaging and Still Photography for Real Estate Marketing, General Marketing, TV Commercials, and Special Events. Additionally, we offer Aerial Inspection of construction sites, roofs and or Agriculture locations. Hiring a manned aircraft such as a helicopter or fixed wing aircraft can be extremely expensive!! We can save you thousands of dollars.  Our new clients are pleasantly surprised at how affordable we are.

Our Drone Pilots are FAA Certified as Commercial Remote Pilots and are re-certified every two years. Our Quadcopter and Hexacopter aircraft are FAA Commercially registered and each flight is insured through VeriFly© Drone Insurance NYC producer license number 1417833 with a $5 million liability covering property damage and possible injury.

Why I started Falcon One Aerial Imaging?: "I wanted to do something that I truly enjoyed, that was fun, challenging and a benefit to others."   -  Anthony D.


Why Hire a Certified Drone Operator

• The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) licenses Commercial Drone pilots for Unmanned Aircraft also known as UAS’s. This license is called a Remote Pilot Certificate or a Part 107 Certificate and ensures the pilot understands the rules and regulations of use.

• Along with basic safe flying practices, drone pilots must understand altitude requirements and where they can and cannot fly. It’s important to note that not only is the pilot legally responsible for the safety of the drone use, but the person who hires them as well as the property they are imaging.

What are your Liabilities in Hiring an Unlicensed Drone Pilot or attempting to operate a Drone on your own without commercial certification?

• Fines - Not only will the pilot get a fine for operating a drone without a license, but you will as well. There are fines for both commercial and recreational drone violations. The drone must be registered with the FAA. Civil fines can reach $27,000 while criminal fines are as much as $250,000. Licensed drone pilots have insurance to assume this liability, relieving you of this risk.

• Damage Liability - If something goes wrong and the pilot causes property damage, you could be held liable for any damage or injury. Licensed drone pilots have liability insurance that will cover unexpected events.

Privacy Rights Violations
• A licensed drone pilot understands the laws and rules regarding the privacy rights of those in the drone’s view. They know what they can and cannot record and follow the guidelines set forth in the FAA Best Practices.

Drone Photography, Aerial Imaging, Thermal Imaging, Drone Serives


Drone Photography, Aerial Imaging, Thermal Imaging, Drone Serives
Drone Photography, Aerial Imaging, Thermal Imaging, Drone Serives


600+ Hours of flight experience. Background in Computer Graphic Design, Video and Photo Editing, Website Design and Marketing.

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